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Iran Deal

Obama is once again “leading from behind” with this latest “deal” with Iran.  Included is up to 24 days for Iran to prepare for an inspection.  How would you feel if your neighborhood restaurant had 24 days to prepare before a “surprise” health inspection.  We can do better for our national security as well as security in the region. 

 I encourage Congress to reject the agreement, and as your next Congressman I will not stand for this sort of weak and directionless foreign policy from the executive branch.  The administration missed an opportunity to make a good deal for the international community.  A respectable agreement that could have ensured the safety and security of both the region and the world for generations to come, instead we received a deal that was weak and ineffective.  There are multiple components that must be addressed in order for Iran to remain free of nuclear weapons and the international community to remain safe.

Aside from inspections that have a lengthy warning period in advance of them, there is the lack of consequence clearly outlined for bucking the international community.  Inspections and verification of them are a critical part of any deal with Iran made by our government.

Iran was also not required to explain its past goals with its nuclear program.  This is unacceptable, Iran must explain what efforts toward weaponization have been made in the past in order to prove its transparency with the international community.  This again is another instance where trust should be earned, not given.

This deal also lifted sanctions.  At no point has Iran actually taken the first step toward compliance, despite the ‘snapback’ provision, Iran has done little more than promise progress.  Progress should be required before sanctions are lifted, not after.

This deal also has only a ten year effective period, far too short to protect future generations from an Iran nuclear threat.  This agreement is only a few
Dismantlement is not even truly addressed in this agreement, while the agreement demands no action toward building a nuclear weapon, it only vaguely addresses what steps must be taken to dismantle the components that may used toward the creation of one.  This dovetails into the need for full disclosure from the Iranian government as to its previous goals.

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